Joy & Light Design.

Photo is property of Joy & Light Design

I am so thrilled for my first "Friendly Feature" to showcase my friend Caroline's stunning handmade jewelry company, Joy & Light Design. 

Through Joy & Light Design, Caroline produces one-of-a-kind handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each piece is personally crafted by Caroline herself, and she also offers completely customized pieces for her customers.

To say that I want to buy every piece in her shop is an understatement.

Not only is Caroline a beautiful person in and out, her work is GORGEOUS. It's so fitting that she chose to name her business Joy & Light. Her life exudes both, as do her creations.

Photo is property of Joy & Light Design

The business officially launched this year, but it has been a talent of Caroline's for awhile now. She tells us on her website:

"It began as something I did to relieve stress, calm my anxiety and practice being creative.  Friends started asking for necklaces and I began making them more frequently.  Each time I made a new design, I found that I was relaxed, joyful and strangely patient with myself.  For an anxious heart, it wasn't a cure, but a calming tool and reprieve from the everyday struggles.  I'm exploring, practicing, learning and having fun stringing together beads.  Making necklaces is a piece of joy & light in my life."

I'm so thankful she's sharing her talents with us!

In addition to selling these beautiful pieces, Caroline also offers an even more personalized touch to her business by offering  "Joy Parties" with friends and also soulful insights in her blog.

So, if you're looking for a special gift for a wonderful girlfriend in your life, or just something to add a beautiful element to your own wardrobe, consider an original Joy & Light Design piece!

Please be sure to follow Joy & Light Design through the Website and Blog, Facebook, and Instagram.


*Lastly, as of this afternoon, Caroline will be pausing production until the new year. HOWEVER, I will be giving away my (hard to pick) favorite from her line - the Bertha necklace! There are a number of ways to enter to win! Follow The Gracious Goodness on Facebook or Instagram, Comment on the Facebook or Instagram posts, or comment below!* 

Merry Christmas!