Simple, Thoughtful Christmas Gifting: For a New Parent.


I'm excited to start our week of "Simple, Thoughtful Christmas Gifting" with some ideas that have meant the most to me personally over the last few years as a new mom. While these gifts weren't specifically for Christmas, I think they would make lovely gifts for any parent in your life!

Welcoming a new baby into your family is such a wonderfully joyful, exciting, and tiring time. So many new parents are fortunate to receive gifts to help them take care of their new additions (us included!). Here are some gifts to help pamper mamas and dads, too!

Coffee Mug with lid 
(Pictured above)

I continue to be grateful for the Yeti mug that I "treated myself to" after our second was born. The main reason I bought it was out of fear I'd spill coffee on her. I had a traditional travel mug I'd used with my first, but this mug feels more like the "real thing" which I love. Nothing is sadder than a lovely hot cup of coffee going cold as you change diapers, chase your toddler, and think "where did I put my mug?". I give this yeti five stars and recommend it to everyone! 

If you're a hydroflask fan, they also make a lidded mug! As well as some other brands for a more "budget-friendly" price - including a matching pair for mom and dad. (Although I say the $25 is totally worth it and I'd love another color for myself for Christmas!)

Water Bottle 

Along with enjoying sacred coffee time, staying hydrated is key for a new parent. Andrew loves his Hydroflask, while I adore my Contigo tumbler. Both of these keep water cold (or in Andrew's case - coffee piping hot for his morning commute around 5:30am). Along with my yeti coffee mug, I'm also grateful for my Yeti rambler that I've been using now for five years! A set of silicone straws make a great and practical addition!

Taking care of a new baby can feel lonely and isolating at times. I always found comfort in a good book or a show on my tablet ("Parenthood!" with headphones!) during late-night nursing sessions.

 Listening to music or a book through Audible on long stroller walks always provide a nice break from being cooped up inside. Also, being able to sit in our living room and discuss a book or watch TV together provides a time to connect.

Purchasing a subscription to these for a new parent, where they don't have to worry about the details, would be such a gift.

 My coveted journal and planner. A "must-have" for every day.

As everyone says, "the days are long but the years are short". Journaling has been so cathartic for me in my motherhood journey. I love my "One Line A Day" to write down special memories in a short amount of time. I also love my "regular" journal for longer entries. 

My parents gifted me a set of soft, warm pajamas after both my girls were born and I was so thankful.  After a hectic few days of bringing our babies into the world, there was something so comforting about a fresh pair of pajamas.

I also felt a little more "put together" when I could put a pretty robe (such a thoughtful presentfrom my boss - a mother of four!) over my leggings and nursing tank during the day. Andrew bought me a new pair of slippers with both - since we had winter babies -and my feet are ALWAYS cold. These gifts were so appreciated and still to this day provide sweet memories when I wear them.

Spa-Moments at Home

Getting in the shower to relax is luxury I took for granted pre-kids. Lighting a candle, showering, and applying a face mask and hand cream at the end of the day is now PURE BLISS.

Consider putting together a small gift basket with a candle and some pampering products. Volcano candles (made right here in Mississippi!) and Rewined candles (made in Charleston, SC!) are my personal favorites because of their  more subtle, "clean" scents and long burn time, but plenty of more budget-friendly options are out there. Toss in some exfoliating face wash, face masks, lip balm, and moisturizers for a DIY pampering session while baby sleeps.

Spa Moments Away from Home!

Gift cards for mani-pedis, hair cut/color, and massages make wonderful gifts. Not only does it allow a new parent a moment to relax, it says "it's ok -even necessary- to take a break for yourself!" - which every parent needs but may struggle to prioritize.

Something Sentimental 

Obviously anything homemade by your children is a treasure for many parents. If you're crafty like our preschool teachers - there are tons of inexpensive ideas for gift using little hand and footprints.

There are also some other fun gifts that leave an impression. One of the girls' grandmothers brought a hydrangea bush to plant in our yard (It's still alive! A feat for me) and another grandmother gifted us a traditional baby book that I write in monthly.

My aunts sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers - who doesn't love flowers any time of year? Even if their baby is 6 months old, flowers are a great Christmas gift. Another friend gave a framed calendar page with the girls' day of birth circled. All of these meant to much to us (others were just as happy for our family as we were - how special!) and have been cherished for a long time. I took pictures of the bouquet and placed them in their baby books.

I also treated myself to a Chatbooks subscription- which allows you to make gorgeous photo books straight from your phone! They arrive monthly and bring a huge smile to myself. Something about seeing moments printed on paper - and off a phone screen- feel much more permanent and special.

 Lovely Chatbooks that arrive in my mail once a month. Use this link for 20% off!

Meals, snacks, and (more) Coffee! 

Those same wonderful aunts gifted us a subscription to Blue Apron which we loved! We so appreciated local friends who brought by meals, and it was also lovely to have the normalcy of cooking a meal without all of the planning or shopping.

Andrew put together a "goodies basket" that I kept by my nursery chair with kind bars, snack mix, and dark chocolate for a treat when feeding baby. More friends brought coffee, sent digital gift cards, and other treats for a much-needed break. These all meant so much to us, and are simple to gift whether you live next door or far away.

It's been such a joy seeing so many babies born and adopted this year! To all the parents out there - keep up the amazing work raising such precious children!

See you tomorrow for more gift ideas!

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