Simple, Thoughtful Christmas Gifting: My Favorite Things

In the final installment of this series, I'd love to highlight some of my favorite things that make quick, thoughtful gifts. These are either services you can purchase instantly, or items that ship quickly! As always, please share your favorite things too via Instagram or Facebook message so that I can share with friends!

(No shipping/picking up involved)

Contact a local photographer and gift a session for family photos 

I promise this will make the recipient's day, plus you support a local business. Win win!

Purchase a subscription for their favorite magazine

Send them a free year of a streaming service, Kindle Unlimited, or Audible

Send the gift of Health & Wellness in 2020!

I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss this year and am so glad I did. It is a health and fitness program that provides coaching, meal plans, and accountability. The main focus is on whole-foods nutrition and overall health and strength-building. Treat your loved one to a new client membership. Use my affiliate link, and I'll send you $25 back on your purchase. :)

Give them the gift of time-savings
Something like Amazon Prime or Shipt, along with a gift card, is a great gift! It would be especially perfect for loved ones expecting a new baby or facing a big life transition (a move or new job). We purchased one for our elderly neighbor who has mobility issues (who first gave me the idea - when I realized how tough it is for her to get out).

Let them take a fun vacation - with the lodging covered!
We recently booked a vacation using AirBNB (so much better for families than a hotel). We've only had good experiences using them. They offer gift cards! Or consider gift cards for their preferred airline, Uber, etc - lots of possibilities for your favorite traveler!

Buy a gift card for their favorite local store, restaurant, or coffee shop
You could even attach a note that says you'll babysit so they can enjoy time alone or on a date - guilt free!

Give a gift to their favorite charity in their name!


A bag of warm socks, gloves, and cozy scarf
You can't go wrong with these classics - especially if your friend is always cold (raises hand)

Target has super soft and comfy sweaters for $15 or less!
I purchased this turtleneck for myself recently and LOVE it. I also bought this sherpa pullover to wear to the gym and am so glad I did. I had them shipped to me because our nearest Target is over an hour away - womp womp.

Pair one of those sweaters with the softest, most versatile leggings

 I've worn a lot of leggings, from regular $9 pairs to $100 pairs (that I received on discount) from gyms where I taught fitness. This pair of simple black leggings came highly recommended from friends and can be worn to workout or under long tops/dresses. I love that they're high-waisted but don't "dig in," and they have enough compression without a lot of "shine". They also stay in place - hooray!

Don't forget- pajamas and slippers!

Spat-at-home Gift Basket

 I personally recommend tossing in Thayer's Natural Facial TonerAcure Brightening Face Scrub, and Aztec Healing Mask . They all feel soooo good and last forever!

Other sheet masks and lip balms added in would make a great treat, too!

Essential oil diffuser and oils set
We love this inexpensive diffuser (works and cleans easier than our pricier one) and Plant Therapy are our favorite oils! (use my link for $10 off $25!)

 A lovely basket for sacred coffee time 

For getting the day started or enjoying an afternoon pick-me-up (especially on cold days) consider gifting a new coffee pot, lidded mugs, and a pound of their favorite beans. We fell in love with this brand on our mission trips to the Dominican Republic, and were so excited to find it on Amazon! I've been enjoying a cup every morning with NutPods Peppermint Mocha!

For a fan of iced coffee, save them some money with this iced coffee pitcher that they can use at home! It's so easy to use and makes enough for several days' worth!

New kitchen gadgets and towels, along with a pretty cookbook for the home chef
My favorites are anything by Danielle Walker or Ree Drummond!

And lastly, a new journal for tracking thoughts, dreams, goals, and events in 2020!