Acts of Kindness

It's a crazy time we are living in!

Here are some Acts of Kindness ideas!

Put change in an envelope on a vending machine
Leave (store purchased) snacks for your mail/UPS worker and sanitation workers
Purchase and deliver groceries for elderly neighbors
Let someone ahead of you in line
Pay for the person behind you in line
Hold the door for someone
Do a chore for a friend, neighbor, or new mom
Give a treat to your bank teller (through the window)
Feed the birds/ducks near you
Call or Facetime family
Return "lost carts" back to the store
Pick up litter
Compliment a friend
Leave a letter or gift card in library book
Plant a tree
Deliver dessert to your neighbors' porch
Walk dogs at the animal shelter
Donate to a charity
Buy coffee for a stranger
Pay for past-due school lunch fees
Donate food to a pantry
Offer to help with school kids' lunches
Donate old suitcases/luggage to foster facility
Send a card or package to a deployed service member (email me for names and addresses!)
Bring a gift to your teacher
Read a book to someone
Say hello to everyone
Donate books/magazines to school library/art rooms
Deliver letters to nursing home residents
Bring a gift to the school custodian
Deliver snack baskets or pizzas to medical workers