World Breast Pumping Day

 Here is an awkward selfie (full covered - no worries) to share that it's World Breast Pump Day - yea! When I was working full-time, I could have written a poem ala "Green Eggs and Ham" about the places I've had to pump.

"I will pump milk in the car
I will pump milk behind a bar
While I'd rather not pump in a stall,

My baby must be fed, after all!"

Working hard to feed your baby (whether it's formula, pumped milk, or through nursing) is no easy task. For those of you who do pump, I hope these are some helpful resources:

Also don't be afraid to ask for a quiet, private place to pump that isn't a bathroom floor! I was so shy with my first, but now will do what I can to find a better setup. What you're doing is important!

Did you know that most major insurances now cover breast pumps (and accessory kits) in full? Here are some links with more info...

How to receive a free breast pump through insurance

General breast pumping tips

Laws regarding rights to breastfeeding and pumping

Where to pump when traveling

My favorite hands-free pumping bra (that is much more convenient and cheaper than major brands)

My favorite car adapter (if you don't have a pump with a battery pack)

My favorite nursing cover

Happy pumping! Keep up the good work, mamas!