Easy Morning Smoothie.

Super easy smoothie recipe!

1 cup milk of choice⁣
1 scoop vanilla protein powder⁣
1 large handful greens⁣
1/2 banana (or 1 date)⁣
1 tablespoon nut butter (or coconut oil. Fat is your friend!)⁣
Cup of ice
Optional add-ins: sprinkles of chia, flax, baobab, and/or cacao nibs ⁣

Serves one toddler, one mama, and one “I can make the smoothie all by myself”-er (or two adults!)

We also use this mixture to make homemade popsicles with one small change - take out the ice and peanut butter and add in fruit or fruit juice (mango and pineapple are delicious!) then pour into molds.