Quarantined Kiddos

A list of activities to keep your littles occupied (for at least a little while) during all of this time at home!

Facetime family members or classmates
Write letters and mail to family, friends, teachers and classmates
Plant seeds and watch them sprout
Make cards and deliver to nursing homes
Make snack baskets and deliver to medical workers
Listen to "Adventures in Odyssey" (for free)
Go on a walk in your "neighborhood zoo"
Have a backyard easter egg hunt
Make pinecone animals!

"Paint the house" with a bucket of water
Go on a wagon ride
Complete an outside/nature scavenger hunt
Make a mosaic with sidewalk chalk
Use up old magazines/papers to make paper collages 
Use your library account to view free ebooks
Listen to your favorite authors read their books on youtube
Enroll in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (it's free!)
Have a movie night with popcorn
Create your own color creations with Kraft paper on the table
Build towers with blocks (or even pantry items)