On Mother's Day

To all the mothers, on Mother's Day...⁣
The mothers with children in Heaven, ⁣
I remember with you. ⁣
The mothers with a full heart and empty arms, ⁣
I hope with you. ⁣
The new and expectant mothers, I rejoice with you. ⁣
The birth mothers who gave the gift of life and adoption, I honor you.⁣
The step, foster, and "bonus" mothers, ⁣
I thank God for you.⁣
The postpartum mothers, ⁣
I am always here for you.⁣
The mothers with full arms and tired bodies, ⁣
I cheer for you.⁣
The mothers with an empty nest, I admire you.
⁣ ⁣
The mothers with past trauma,⁣
I hold space for you.⁣
The mothers who are breaking chains,⁣
I charge with you.⁣
The older, wiser mothers,⁣
I draw strength from you. ⁣
The grandmothers,⁣
I promise to continue God's work through you.⁣
The single mothers (and fathers), wondering how you’ll do it, I believe in you. ⁣
Those missing your mothers, through loss or strained relationship, I mourn with you.⁣
To those dreading mother's day, I grieve with you.⁣
To those continuing to wait, I am beside you. ⁣
Thank you, mothers!⁣
You are more than enough. ⁣
You are a treasure. ⁣
You are loved.