Meal Plan - July 13th

Happy Sunday, Dear Friends!

Here is our meal plan for this week:

My dad made nachos regularly on Sunday evenings - nostalgic and delicious!

It's looking like another hot and humid few days, so the rest of our meal plan involves NO oven use:

Andrew has a night flight Monday, so we will have a family lunch together before he heads to work. I'll have him grill some extra chicken for lunches throughout the week.

We'll be watching a video of our adventures in Paris in January and enjoying assorted meats, cheeses, and fruits (picture linked above is for inspiration). 

(I'm just slow cooking some chicken pieces in homemade teriyaki sauce, adding instantpot cooked brown rice, and tossing in assorted frozen stir fry veggies- *Shrug*! You can find lots of recipes on Pinterest- if you want something fancier!)

Andrew flies nights again later this week, so the girls and I will probably make another cheeseboard and go on a picnic (or watch a movie if it rains)

Other Foods

Meredith's Hummus with veggies
Green Smoothies (with blueberries- STILL!)

*As always, you can use my code for $10 off your first Walmart pickup offer. You can follow along on Pinterest for more meal ideas!


  1. Love this summer meal plan! Sounds a lot like ours these days. Esp the nachos. We have discovered tot-chos 😳😳


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