You're The Woman For The Job

Did you know that you're the woman for the job?

The times we're living in can be beyond disheartening. So many things seem out of control and overwhelming. I'm here to tell you that you make a difference and there is a purpose for your days.

So, as you head face into your Monday, go forward in confidence that YOU, my friend, are the woman for the job. Our jobs can, and will, look different in different seasons. So whether it's: 

Teaching your littles
Working towards a career
Caring for the sick 
Striving for positive change
Advocating for the voiceless
Having tough conversations
Spending time reflecting
Praying for others
Serving your community
Loving your neighbor
Facing the unknowns 
Seeking help or self-care
Doing something that scares you
Finding joy in the mundane
Working towards a goal
Taking your next, right step

YOU are the one to do it, and you can do so in confidence.

I'm proud of you, sis, and believe in you in this season and always!